Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions You Might Have

What is webytor?

Webytor is a website builder online application. We provide access to a set of templates for your business category and plugin to design your own site—no coding or web development experience required.

Is webytor right for me?

Everyone  has unique needs for their website, so there’s one way to know if webytor is right for you: try it!

We offer a free trial so you can explore our platform, begin building a site, and decide if you're ready to subscribe to webytor. If you're still not sure or if you need more time, you can extend it or start again later.

Which template should I use?

The right template depends on your needs and personal preferences. All of our templates are customizable. Though features and designs vary, no template is built for just one business type.

Can I move to webytor from another platform?

Absolutely. If you already own your domain or have a site hosted by another provider, you can move to webytor.

When is my site live?

All webytor sites are live after "Create a Site" process completed. You can keep your site status to "Live" or put up an "Under Construction" page until you're ready to launch.